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Frequently Asked Questions


How is window film installed? Why settle for less than the best for your vehicle?

To begin the installation process, your windows are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that even the smallest pieces of dirt are removed. Next, a piece of film is cut to the size of your window, and a release liner is removed, exposing the film’s adhesive. An application solution is sprayed onto your window, and the film is then carefully placed on the glass. Using a squeegee, the application solution is removed from between the glass and the film. Lastly, we will trim the edges of your film to ensure the perfect fit for your windows.


Does the tint go on the outside or inside of my car’s windows?

Tint goes on the inside. At first, the film will be laid on the outside of the window and then cut to fit the right shape. Next, the pieces of film are placed on a large piece of glass and trimmed. Then, it will be installed to the inside of the windows.


How long will it take to install window tint on my vehicle?

Installation time typically ranges from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of windows being tinted.


Can you have window tinting applied to your windows in wet or cold weather?

Yes. Because of the modern adhesive systems on today’s window tinting products, you can have your windows tinted even if it’s freezing outside. Our professional installers always work in our specialized, temperature-controlled work area.


How long should I keep my windows rolled up after I have window tint installed?

If windows are rolled down too soon after the installation, the tint can peel off. If this happens, we can redo windows at a low cost or free depending on circumstances. To avoid this, we recommend keeping your windows up for at least 2 days.


How long does the film take to fully cure?

Cure time refers to the drying time of the leftover application solution after an install. While we try to get all of the solution off after every application, it is nearly impossible. Therefore, the cure time depends on the film type and drying time of the remaining solution. While this is happening, it is still performing to its full capabilities, but you might see bubbles, haze, streaks, or other visual defects while drying. Don’t be alarmed! This is completely normal while the remaining solution evaporates. Additionally, the cure time can vary given different circumstances. If it’s a hot summer day, the film might be cured in a few days. On the other hand, if it’s a chilly winter day the curing process might last a few weeks. During the cure time, it’s normal to see bubbles, streaks, and other visual defects.


How durable is window tint?

SunTek Window Tint Products have lifetime warranty against change in color, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination. The window tint film is also scratch resistant for added durability.

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Hear Our Satisfied Customers

54 reviews
  • Jerry Dodd

    Jerry Dodd

    March 2, 2023.

    Bought a truck that had some paint issues and needed windows tinted. PCB did a great job prepping paint, installing window tint, applying bra on the front end and ceramic coat on the rest of the vehicle. Truck looks great!

  • Richard Holley

    Richard Holley

    February 21, 2023.

    Awesome job. Great staff. In and out less than an hour. Oh yeah, lifetime warranty.

  • emil skog

    emil skog

    February 11, 2023.

    Excellent customer service and workmanship the shop is spotless and clean I highly recommend this place of business

  • Linda Wansing

    Linda Wansing

    February 9, 2023.

    Willie and his employees did excellent work on my PPF and was completed on time as promised!

  • Connor Huffman

    Connor Huffman

    February 7, 2023.

    A+++ service!!!

  • D J

    D J

    February 5, 2023.

    Willie was awesome at customer service and product installation. New Corvette looks bada$$ !

  • Jose Iglesias

    Jose Iglesias

    January 31, 2023.

    Great work and service on my 911. Love the paint protection

  • Tom Parr

    Tom Parr

    January 30, 2023.

    I had all the windows in my truck tinted with ceramic film and the job was very professional and top quality. I am planning to have the front of my 2022 Ford F-150 hybrid truck covered with ceramic paint protection in the next 30 days. I am cofident that it will go just as well.

  • Samuel F

    Samuel F

    January 13, 2023.

    Great service, worked quick and same day appointment

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