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We want to thank you personally for choosing to protect your car with Performance Clear Bra. We take pride in using quality goods and quality work to offer the best paint protection on the market. With us, you’ll guarantee your vehicle the protection it deserves. Let us know your details below and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!

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Our mission at Performance Clear Bra is to delight our customers with exceptional quality in everything that we do. From Paint Protection Film to window tinting and ceramic coating, we work hard to ensure the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Take it from our customers – our quality is unmatched, and we guarantee that your experience with us will be well worth it. Let us know how we can help you today!

64 reviews
  • C D

    C D

    May 22, 2023.

    Love they work did great job on my tint! I have schedule my PPF Reaction installment for my 2022 corvette, can’t wait

  • Scott King

    Scott King

    May 21, 2023.

    Did a PPF Full Car Reaction. Great service, easy turn around time. Good communication and a job well done.

  • Eldad Erez

    Eldad Erez

    May 17, 2023.

    Great work!

  • Harrison Ross

    Harrison Ross

    May 16, 2023.

    I got the PPF SunTek Ultra package done to my Aston Martin Vantage and I couldn't be happier with it. The car looks genuinely better now than before I had it done and I no longer have to worry about rock chips or whatever else I may encounter out on the road. The staff are incredibly friendly and a true pleasure to work with. I was never nervous about leaving my car with them as they clearly knew exactly what they were talking about and were incredibly trustworthy. Performance Clear Bra Fort Worth is certainly my new go to shop for all paint protection needs and I couldn't recommend them enough!

  • Neiman Ford

    Neiman Ford

    May 12, 2023.

    Excellent service. Great communication from the initial point of contact until pick up and follow up ... TOP TIER LASTCALL SCATPACK

  • charles martin

    charles martin

    May 9, 2023.

    Very friedly and thorough service from Performance Clear Bra. It was very easy booking an appointment for the ceramic evolv and now I can not stop looking and my Honda Civic. I highly recommend the services here. Thanks Will!

  • James McIntosh

    James McIntosh

    May 4, 2023.

    Wow, these guys go above and beyond. I actually wish I could give them more stars. Long post but worth the read. I had my 2022 Silverado wrapped with PPF, all of my windows tinted, and the rest of the truck ceramic coated. Performance clear bra did an amazing job. My passenger rear door had a slight manufacturer defect in it so they held off on coating/ wrapping it at my request until I could get the dealership to take care of it. After 4 months of hassle with the dealer, my door was finally repaired. I took it back to Willie and the guys to have the PPF put on the bottom of the door and the rest of the door ceramic coated. Willie called me when they were starting to let me know of a small BB sized dent on the bottom of the door and asked how I would like to proceed. He knew a paintless dent removal shop that they frequently work with which he called, got me a deal on the dent removal, and facilitated the transfer to and from the shop at no additional charge, I could not recommend Willie and the Performance Clear Bra team more!!!! This type of customer service just doesn’t exist anymore. Definitely a customer for life!!!

  • Oliver kang

    Oliver kang

    April 15, 2023.

    Awesome experience with Willy’s shop. Strongly recommended. ✨🚙

  • Clint Bennett

    Clint Bennett

    March 24, 2023.

    The team at Performance Clear Bra went above and beyond while working on my Corvette. The work they performed looks fantastic and were very friendly and professional. Especially after the job was complete my car battery died and they were willing to jump in and help me change the battery and loan me tools to help me out! Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed.

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